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LMS BTs late ones 4mm scale

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This is one of two threads I am starting here.


This one i sregarding late BTs one definately a driving one, the other unsure.


They are

DIag 1964A  Lot 1086 1938

Diag 2122 Lot 1577 1950


I THINK I can do the 1964A with Comet or Worsley but not sure.


Does anyone know for sure which were converted and also who does them.


I do have the LMS coach book.


Other thread will be up later and discussing corridor stock.

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I'm not at home just now so can't answer properly, but the article you need in terms of which other diagrams were motor fitted is in the LMS Journal Volume 12.


There is also a bit of a discussion on D1964A and D2122 specifically on the topic linked below.  As you say the D1964A is available, but there is no source for a D2122 - to answer my question at the bottom of the follow thread I'm pretty sure a single door would be wider than one half of a double door pair.



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