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Aldi shopping list.. Milk, Bread, 3D printer...

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I think this is the third time they've sold the Balco.  I got one from the first sale and have used it a lot to make those fiddly little details that are a pain to make from scratch, like disabled ramps, 1960s Abacus bus shelters, planter boxes and the like.  I also used mine to make an island buffet building to match my old Pola/Playcraft 1960s WCML station buildings.  The plastic ink is easy to get hold of and it's worth a punt if you fancy trying 3d printing.

After all, we're constantly being berated to do more scratchbuilding and 3d printing is only a 21st century version of knitting your own buildings.  You need a bit of CAD technique and some thought as to how to design your creation to best accommodate the printer's capability but after that it's plain sailing.

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