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Hi MR,

Your problem sounds just like what I had until I found how to fix it.  I’m trying to remember how I did it, but essentially it is linking your subscription with your RMWeb account.  It is possible to do it as that’s how I sorted it. Sorry I can’t remember how.

I think there was somewhere on the WoR site where you could make that link.


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35 minutes ago, Moonraking Red said:

Hello AY Mod, 


Have logged previously, using the link given, prior to my original post. This took me to my ‘station‘. No access to video plus, trackplans, or Gold member enhancements.


In my profile, the only thing I didn’t do was tick the box for a free trial of WORplus (given I had signed up on 17th).


Definitely no email re Exact Editions received.



Do you use the same email address for RMweb as you used when you signed up for WoR+ ?


I'll get onto the office for them to investigate in the morning as I don't have remote access to the subs and billing systems.

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16 minutes ago, Moonraking Red said:

Been a bit impatient, and ticked the trial box in My Profile, various features then worked as expected. Not the Gold stuff obviously.


That may confuse some of the investigation into the problem but I have asked the office to investigate.

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24 minutes ago, AY Mod said:


Were you asked to login here https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/account/login?ref=%2Fmy-account%2Fmy-membership%2F Ian?  That should then tie everything together so you get the additional items here.

Brilliant thanks, thats got it. I had to go through the "linking accounts" process.


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