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April IRRS Meeting and Scalefour North

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A real treat for any of you living within an hour or so from London.


Thursday, 4 April,   “Classic Irish Steam” by Ciarán Cooney


IRRS Photographic Archivist, Ciarán Cooney, has skilfully restored the  classic photos of Bob Clements, Denis Morris and J Macartney Robbins. 


Enjoy stirring shots of 400s, 500s and 800s hard at work annostalgic photos of rarely-seen places like Clara Midland and Inny Junction. 


Then high-wheeled J5s on the Midland doing everything from cattle trains to excursions, and 2-4-0’s in the west,with much more to come such as the SL&NCR, the GNR(I), the B&CDR, and NCC moguls, mogul tanks and 4-4-0’s. 


This is a veritable feast of classic Irish steam with memorable and classic photos from the cameras of the great IRRS photographers of the past. 


It is similar to a show Ciarán gave to the RPSI in Belfast where it received the highest acclaim. 

Don’t miss it this time round.


19.00 in the Function Room, Calthorpe Arms, Grays Inn Road, LONDON WC1X 8JR


Fine ales, food available from our excellent landlord, Adrian.


Hope to see some of you there - be sure to say ""Hallo"!


Followed by - 




Richard McLachlan and I will be manning (personning in these PC days?) a Irish Railway Record Society stand at Wakefield this weekend. So, if you live "up North" in the Big Island, you might come along and have a look.


Focus will be on Richard's superb books of drawings - everything from Irish track standards, through buildings, wagons, coaches to enough information to build a 12 inches to the foot model of quite a few Irish locos. All carefully digitised from the Society's archive in Dublin.


We always have a screen going with photographs from the Society's collections - presently from the late Lance King and John Dewing and the very much alive Conrad Natzio.


I will have a selection of Provincial  Wagons kits in a box "under the table" in case you can be tempted!


Hope to see a few of you hardy Northerners there. 


Fuller details of the Show here - 





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