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Zimo Active Drive V16.03 versus V17.07??

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I have recently fitted a Digitrains Zimo V16.03 sound decoder to a Bachmann 37 for a colleague using a Zimo LS 40 x 20 x 09 speaker and the result is nothing short of spectactular. Some months earlier I had a similar version in a Vi-trains 37 , the only difference being it had a bass reflex speaker fitted to it, nonthe less it produced an excellent and clear sound. I then opted to have the decoder re - blown by Digitrains for the V17.07 version with 'Speedlock ' and whilst I was satisfied overall with the running properties I felt that the overall sound quality was not as good as the previous sound file in that there seemed to be a lot of background 'clatter ' whilst sitting stationary, much to my annoyance! I tried changing the speaker in case it was faulty but to no avail, the problem still persisted. I decided to shelf the problem meantime. It wasn't until I got down to do this recent sound fitting that I got it out again.

I'm now looking at the possibility that something might have gone wrong during the re-blow or maybe the amp is damaged , but how can I find out. Can it be checked out on a programmer???

Regards, Bill.

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