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Fence Houses 9F - a race against time!

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1 hour ago, MarshLane said:



Wow - totally superb and very inspirational.  I hope you are very proud of what you have achieved with that loco, if I had the skills I certainly would be!  Brilliant.


As a matter of interest, is this kit still available, or was it an older / one-off run?




Hi Rich,

Thanks for your kind comments. Skills are out there for anyone to acquire if you have time, patience and someone to show you. I wasn't born being able to build 2mm locos (though some people I know seem like they were). I got a good grounding in how to build etched kits by attending the Darkest Essex Area Group of the 2mm Scale Association, and I'll be forever grateful for the advice and encouragement I received there. After that it is a case of practice and developing your techniques. It has taken many years to reach this point... and so yes, I did feel very proud seeing my "baby" take its first steps in the big wide world this weekend!


Regarding availability of the kits, you'll have to contact Bob Jones to find out. The last price list I am aware of Bob publishing was nearly 10 years ago, and can be found on the Fence Houses blog  (I don't know if the email address on the price list still works). The additional parts required to complete it (inc. special sized wheels) are still available in the 2mm shop - though you may need to substitute equivalent metric gears.


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