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Wanted - Atlas/Roco O Scale Plymouth Bodyshell - Sorted!!

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Wanted -  an Atlas/Roco 1970s O Scale spare bodyshell only, as per photo.

Colour & road name not important, but a shell in good condition is what I need, no cracks or scratches etc, although the locating tabs might be broken off - they often are. I need it to replace one I had off eBay recently, where the fact the body has been very firmly glued to the chassis was not mentioned in the listing!!!




PM me if you have something available!!

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Edit: I should've been clearer in my first post - it's the body and frame that are glued together, rather than the chassis itself, otherwise my reply here doesn't make a lot of sense!! :fool:


No, but the chassis & motor are all in it as well, and I can't remove them without seperating body & frame, so not sure I want to stick the motor in the freezer!! :dontknow:

There's raised locating edges on the frame that sit inside the body, and I suspect the glue has been applied there, so even running a sharp scalpel blade between the two parts isn't having much effect. I have a spare frame already; if I could get another body, I could break up the one that's giving me problems (not the one pictured above, I hasten to add!!) and cobble up a 'new' loco from all the parts!
It's a real shame as this latest one has had very little use and runs really well. I just can't get in it to add DCC !!!  :banghead:

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Jordan, I’ve found these two, I notice there’s a broken window bar on the one, but they’re yours if you want them. Pm me an address, and I’ll post them next week



P.S. about time you took the Great Beep Forward, you know it makes sense!

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1 hour ago, Northroader said:

OK, I’ll knock up some packing tomorrow. In the meantime, are you wired into this? There’s a lovely SOO depot on page 52


Hadn't seen that, but I have been following that MILW GP38 build over there. :good:

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