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Phil Parker

Garden Rail 297 - May

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View from the end of the platform


The Abridged Diary of a Railway Engineer by Chris MacKenzie


Building a Wickham trolley and PW train by Christopher Hall


Foxy – A Nitro Powered Loco by Mick Pagram


Kit building industrial wagons by Eddie Lund


Rostered on to drive the Bagnall - A Female Loco Crew by Steph’ Hicking


Bren'da Bahn by Chris Fordham


Publish or be Damned by Dave Skertchly


Seen at the Midlands Garden Rail Show


Practising My Scales – Part 1 by Mark Thatcher


The GSS Garden Railway Show 2019


Mamod Goes Electric – Again! by Mike Wakefield


Product News


Mailbox/Diary dates


Building Pola's Ruined Castle by Daniel Cousins


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Foxy - Extra photos


Mick Pagram's Nitro powered loco article included more photos than we had space for in the magazine, so here are the remainder as promised. 


Reversing gears & servo setup


Pic 2_rmweb.jpg



Left-hand side at the testing stage


Pic 5_rmweb.jpg



Linkage for throttle & brake


Pic 6_rmweb.jpg



Foxy nearing completion


Pic 8_rmweb.jpg



Left-hand side showing final silencer design


Pic 9_rmweb.jpg

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