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Hi Folks,


Due to a serious case of "woman trouble" compounded with the loss of a job at an engineering workshop I have a rather large project in need of a good home. The locomotive needs a boiler although the frame set is almost complete requiring the following:


  • Valve and cylinder liners.
  • End covers to fit.
  • Cylinders to final fix.
  • Piston heads and rings.
  • Valve spindle, heads and rings
  • Truck and tender springs.
  • Collars and pins to valve gear to complete.
  • Reversing shaft bearing caps to complete.


Unfortunately I have no workshop capacity and that which I shall be building will only cater for full size motorcycles and not small locomotives.


I would love to see the locomotive finished so therefore I am happy to see it go to a good home should anyone wish to either take on the project and earn themselves part ownership of what is so far built or should they wish make a serious offer.



General view with Britten Replica for sense of scale.






As you may note from the photographs the project is a 15" gauge LMS Crab and the bike is a full size replica.


Should anyone be interested do please contact either by way of this thread or by PM.




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