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Programming a number of Cobalt Digital Motors

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I have a number of Cobalt Digital point motors. I wish program each one individually. How do I go about this. I am using NCE power cab.

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You connect each one onto your bus, slide the switch to 'Set', send the address for the motor (twice), move the switch to 'Run' and do this for all your motors.



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Just one point to add:  It's vital to switch OFF the power before moving the switch back to RUN.  Below I've set out  the sequence which was given some years ago on this very forum. 


Interestingly I was programming a set of 8 Cobalts on our new club layout yesterday.  I did No 1 and on testing it, found 3 or 4 of the other points were moving at the same time.  At first I thought that possibly these newly purchased motors had been preset to 1!  But checking I found that some of the switches were at SET.  Luckily easily fixed as I programmed all the motors. Obviously my careless installation


"Connect DCC input

Put switch to SET

On NCE Powercab proceed as follows:



Disconnect DCC power

Put Switch to RUN (or Normal)

Re-connect DCC power and check movement using PowerCab Accy button."



(* Number of point as chosen in the range of 1-2044 but of course not 197,198 & 199)


To change direction, SELECT ACCY - 197– ENTER 1



To turn off self centering use 198

To turn on self centering use 199

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You only have to switch the power off when you have issued 197/198/199 commands to the motors. If you are just assigning an address you don’t need to.


also, if doing multiple 197/198/199 you only need to switch the power off at the end of setting them all - you don’t need to do it for each and every motor


saves an awful lot of time

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Note that address/command 198 is not required for motors supplied in the past 2 years or so.


There is no real requirement to send the address twice - that's just a "belt and braces" approach.

Don't send the 197 command twice, this will cancel out the initial request to reverse the motor.


They are delivered positioned in the centre, but the automatic centring is actually disabled. (contrary to the manual)

If the auto-centre is on, they will do a left/right/centre at power up.

If it is disabled, they will not move at power up unless commanded to do so.


The default address when new is #1, so if you operate #1 on a new layout, before addressing them individually, they will all move.


As mentioned above, power only needs to be removed when performing the 197-199 commands.


They should retain their address even when going through the 197-199 sequence.


A quick way of centring the motors if required - get them to move and then remove the power feed halfway across. Far easier than going through the 199 and then 199 commands.






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Thanks to Newbryford and WI Morrison for clarifying everything !  So nice to have the unexpected movement explained.  I couldn't have worked it out obviously. 

Just hope the OP hasn't been confused by my errors!



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