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Morgan Design

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I've not seen these GW underframe kits, though they sound useful, but are they for P4 only, or usable for EM? I wonder as they only seem to be available through S4 stores, therefore to S4 Soc members only (which I'm not, yet, still dithering between EM and P4 for a projected scheme).

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At least some of them are listed in the public store and are available to the general public. I would recommend down loading and reading the instructions which are very good but a bit wordy. Once you build a couple of them the assembly makes sense.


Can be used for EM or P4.





Craig w

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8 hours ago, Brassey said:

The last time I looked they were off the public E-shop


Peter (Member)

Yes, I remembered them being there, but they now seem to have retreated to the Stores only.

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All the underframes can be used for either EM or P4. The clasp braked underframes are EM/P4 only, but the “standard” braked ones may also be built in OO. If you’re considering 4mm finescale (of any flavour) I’d recommend joining the society. Scalefour News and the forum are well worth the cost, even if you decide to go with EM, in my opinion. 

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I've just found an etch labelled MORGAN DESIGN 1998A Horn ©.  It contains 4 small outlines for hornbocks for 2mm axles and 6 larger ones for 1/8th" diameter axles plus washers for both sizes of axles.  Can anyone provide any further details of the product?  I'm thinking I've had this for about 20 years but suddenly it was there on my workbench and that's all I know about it.  There must have been turned axleboxes to match the etch but whether I had these or the etch was intended for use with another supplier's products I've no idea.


Any help gratefully received.



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What a necro, but - can anyone in the ScaleFour society verify if these underframes are still something stocked by the P4 shop? I need a batch, but hate to join the society to find out they're not made/stocked anymore - I am a member of the EMGS already but they do not have them =(

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