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Blackgang IOW, Gauge 3

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I built the original version of Blackgang in 2009 as i did not have a garden and i wanted somewhere to run my large scale gauge 3 models. The layout was originally built to 28' long and was built and designed to fit into the back of a small trailer and all the models in the back of my then VW golf. Over the course of a few years other regular helper from the Gauge 3 society all asked if they could build modules to run with Blackgang. So we now have a larger layout that in its largest guise can either be 80 in a straight line or 60 foot x 50 foot in a large L shape. The layout has been to Warley on a few occasions as well as the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and the Great Central Railways model show to name a few. There is no electrical equipment on the layout as all the locos are radio controlled with on board rechargeable batteries. I personally have 3 terriers, two 02's, a Hawthorne Leslie saddle tank, Thomas and a Wickham Trolley. I also have a loco at home that i am building slowly from scratch of an Adams Radial tank in full LSWR pea green.


When the layout does I like to allow other locos to run as well from my helpers. For two reasons 1 it gives variety for the operators and public and 2 as the helpers are coming along to assist me its only right i ought to make some concessions to allow other non IOW items on the layout. It also makes for a friendlier weekend at the shows.


Hope you like the pictures.

bg 24.jpg

bg 23.jpg

bg 22.jpg

bg 21.jpg

bg 20.jpg

bg 19.jpg

bg 18.jpg

bg 17.jpg

bg 16.jpg

bg 15.jpg

bg 14.jpg

bg 13.jpg

bg 12.jpg

bg 11.jpg

bg 10.jpg

bg 9.jpg

bg 8.jpg

bg 7.jpg

bg 6.jpg

bg 5.jpg

bg 4.jpg

bg 3.jpg

bg 2.jpg

bg 1.jpg

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This year Blackgang has had 3 outings.


The first was in June to the Kettering Show in its 32 foot long guise. We had a lot of interest in the layout and a few visitors including the jinty and some GWR locos from my regular helpers. Amazingly it all fits in the back of my VW Caddy van with room to spare for a second person and their stock so taking this to a small show is not impossible and helps t keep the costs down.


The second outing was to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway over the August Bank holiday weekend. We took the large layout over (80 foot long) in the back of a transit van and my own smaller VW Caddy van. We sailed to the IOWSR on the Thursday prior to the show which ran for 4 days from the Friday until the Bank holiday Monday. We arrived and set up the tent and then went to find the nearest pub. We set up early on Friday morning inside the Train Story building surrounded by all the vintage carriages and wagons. Over the course of the 4 days we had a few visitors and helpers with a few visiting engines such as an LT pannier and and LMR J94 saddle tank as well as the regular GWR interlopers.

We had a lot of tea coffee and real ale over the 4 days and we all probably ate too much and too much of the wrong things as well.


The final outing for Blackgang was to Aldershot in October in its 32 foot long guise. We again had a lot of interest in the layout and it ran well with no issues other than the operators running dry on tea/coffee.


The pictures below are a random mix of the pictures taken at all three shows hope you like.






blg 1.jpg

blg 2.jpg

blg 3.jpg

blg 4.jpg

blg 5.jpg

blg 6.jpg

blg 7.jpg

blg 8.jpg

blg 9.jpg

blg 10.jpg

blg 11.jpg

blg 12.jpg

blg 13.jpg

blg 14.jpg

blg 15.jpg

blg 16.jpg

blg 17.jpg

blg 18.jpg

blg 19.jpg

blg 20.jpg

blg 21.jpg

blg 22.jpg

blg 23.jpg

blg 24.jpg

blg 25.jpg

blg 26.jpg

blg 27.jpg

blg 28.jpg

blg 29.jpg

blg 30.jpg

blg 31.jpg

blg 32.jpg

blg 33.jpg

blg 34.jpg

blg 35.jpg

blg 36.jpg

blg 37.jpg

blg 38.jpg

blg 39.jpg

blg 40.jpg

blg 41.jpg

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