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I've tried different ways to try an achieve a compounded roof end but have had no luck. If anyone out there can draw my carriage end in Cubify so that I can then look into the file step by step it would be great. I don't have the funds to purchase another program so I need someone to show the file in Cubify. Pictures below of what I need.  There are two styles of roofs.  I hope to 3D print a  master and then vacuum form the roofs in 0.5mm styrene. Thanks in advance - Chris

CE roof.png


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On 23/05/2019 at 21:47, calvin Streeting said:

Ooops did write a reply but It didn't post.. any way will post again. This looks like it should be a draw both side and end profile.  Loft them and interct the lofts..  will draw diagrams when back at work :)

Calvin did the plan I sent via email help at all. Cheers Chris

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