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Don Coffey Real Train Driver cab videos

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Guys if you have not already done so check out these videos from Don Coffey.

Don Coffey on YouTube


He's a real train driver and he's got permission to film complete journeys in the cab of various modern trains. There's no commentary, but he explains (in captions) all about what we are seeing, from signals to the views out of the cab. All in HD! He works mostly out of Manchester. He will answer any sensible questions too. I asked him a couple, such as why there's railway lines laying around the track. The answer is that Network Rail drop them off for rail replacement, or are waiting when it's less busy to pick up the old ones! 

My favourite of course is Manchester to Sheffield, but that's because I am from Sheffield! 

There other cab ride videos, but they tend not to show things like the speedometer. Some don't even tell you what stations you are passing through. Don's videos do all that!

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Yes, very good selection of routes and highly informative video's. Kudos to him for producing the video's in a proffesional manner, detailing the duties and professionalism of the current railway profession. It must be quite a considerable amount of work to produce the videos, including organising, recording, captioning, and producing. And also kudos to TPE (his employer) and Northern (for their collaboration) for allowing such video's to be made from their trains. 


Even my wife (who has no interest in trains) likes watching them - she tries to spot the signals!

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