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Detailing HOm RhB layout - where to get the bits

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Hi, I am looking for some typically Swiss (!) detailing parts for my HOm RhB layout. The little touches that make the difference. I have had a trawl through the sites of some online retailers but haven't really got very far. 


I badly need some ungated level crossing signs - red and white posts with a cross on the top -  I would make myself if I had some basic dimensions. 


I have seen RhB signals and the train arriving station warning bells in the Bemo catalogues but don't know if there are alternative sources. I think I know what I need based on what I have read in articles on this site,


I believe Vollmer or Faller make the rustic meadow fencing I need to separate the meadow from the track.


Any hints and tips on where to look and pitfalls to be avoided would be appreciated.



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Using the links from the Swiss Railway Society you could find this page and have a look at some of the offerings, http://homepage.swissonline.ch/unholz/page3/shops.html 


Specifically for your crossing signs - http://www.mbapiro.ch/produkte_detail.php?grp_id=6&content_id=21&produkt_id=10172 Pirovino are excellent if your budget allows. The Lautenwerk (bells) as far as I am aware are only made by Bemo and can be picked up on e-bay from time to time.


A terrific way to see detail is to use the Google street view of the Abula line as they had a camera car on the front of the train and you can really see a lot that way. For example, a lot of the rustic fence has rather fallen into disrepair and is largely being replaced with post and electrified wire which could easily be modelled with wire and thread - as can be seen here - https://www.google.com/maps/@46.6786309,9.6672946,2a,15y,58.79h,87.72t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sLPBsnXlU3eH17yYIGOp9Uw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 If you just keep clicking forward, you can enjoy a nice slow speed run!

All the best with your layout

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Hi all, this an SBB based query not RhB but didn't want to start a new thread.

I'm currently modelling an SBB depot (ca 2010) and am looking for detailing parts. Does anyone know where I maybe able to obtain some ground signals (not necessarily working), and also some point direction indicators (again not bothered if they don't connect to the point mechanism and rotate) and manual point levers?

The bits I'm looking for can all be seen in the foreground of this picture of Erstfeld depot.

I know the site in the link above does many useful detailing bits but cant seem to find the bits I want anywhere



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And now I have located www.qdecoder.ch who make some good looking signals.


Sorry for the spasmodic sending of these messages. I knew I had the sources to hand some where and have found them in older issues of Modellbahn Schweiz magazine (www.modellbahn-Schweiz.net).


i too am building a new SBB layout at this time and will share pictures a bit further down the line. Excuse the pun!


 Hope this all helps.


kind regards



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On 16/04/2020 at 22:37, swisspeat said:

Schneider signals available from Bahnorama in Bern are another source...

Thanks will give them a try, was once my local model shop, now I still get the chance to visit a couple of times a year when visiting the in-laws. Usually come back with a bag full of models and s a n empty wallet!!!

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