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Free .stl download for Corail coach bodies in N + doors/interiors - 3D printed

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Continuing my 40+ year love affair with Corail compartment coaches, I have just placed 15 new models in my Shapeways shop:-


A5t2u Vu75 Téoz (2 versions)
B3Su Téoz (2 versions Vu78 and VU86)
B7uh Vu83 Intercités and TER (Sliding plug door for handicapped access)
B11u Corail, Intercités and TER - (4 versions Vu75, Vu78,Vu83, Vu83 sliding plug doors) (Vu80 available from Piko)
A9u Vu75 Corail and TER
A10u Vu78 Corail, intercités and TER (different from the Piko version)
A4B6u Vu75 Corail and TER
B6Du Vu86 (different from the Piko Vu78)
B12u B3t7u A6t5u Vu85 (Cabine Huit and TER)
B5uxh réversible - matches up with the cab module already available on Shapeways from "Les petits trains de Théo".


The bodies are designed to reuse parts from Roco/Fleischmann Eurofima whilst different in many ways (bogies and skirts) still look convincing with the new bodies on.



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I have now added 5 additional items to my Shapeways listing.


First is the interior for a Corail ambulance coach with the beds in ambulance/pilgrimage configuration, with 40 beds.




This interior fits into the other 4 items added - replacing the original interior of the Roco/Fleischmann Eurofima.


Ambulance coach Vu75 - original version with one small cut out for the electrical connections at each body end.



Ambulance coach Vu75 - final version with two large cut outs in the body ends.



Ambulance coach Vu80 - original version with one small cut out for electrical connections at each end.



Ambulance coach Vu80 - final version with two large cut outs in the body ends.



The difference between the Vu75 and Vu80 rests simply with the layout of the window to the left of the large central sliding door. This is a half drop on the Vu75, and a full non-opening window on the Vu80.


When I get a spare hour I will also draw up the interior for the 60 bed configuration used for group travel, and later the interiors for the B6Du 2nd class/baggage, the 10 compartment A10u, 12 compartment "Cabine 8", and the semi-open conversion of these to B3t7u/A6B5tu. These are the coaches where the donor Eurofima interiors do not exactly match the window spacings.

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The Corail style ambulance coaches usually ran with a converted 2nd class/baggage car. These were B5Dux/B5Dd2ux conversions of the Vu86 build of B6Du/B6Dd2u. A refreshment  and medical preparation area was installed in the "agent's" compartment which was fitted with a half drop window, with a corresponding half drop on the corridor side. I have now put this version in my Shapeways shop.



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I have added another variant to the range. This is a 2nd class baggage car with part of the baggage area converted to an accessible toilet. The non opening window in the baggage compartment has been replaced by a top opening window, using part of the glazing from the donor Roco/Fleischmann Eurofima coach.


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The final two orders for SNCF’s Corail open saloon coaches (Vtu) were fitted from new with sliding plug doors. These were 110 in the Vtu82 order made up of first class and second class versions plus some specials for the ill-fated “Fédora” special train project. The Vtu84 build was made up of 100 first/second class composites.


The original Lima Vtu coaches included a plug door option, but the more recent Piko models are uniquely fitted with the inset folding doors. 


At the request of a French enthusiast I have just made available 3 sprues each of 40 doors (10 vehicles worth) for either just Vtu82, just Vtu84 or a 20/20 mixture of each. The doors are handed so different at each end of the vehicle when looked at from the side. The Vtu84 has the door opening button about 25cm lower than the Vtu82.


The new doors can be fitted without dismantling the Piko coach.


The conversion instructions in English are here:-



It is a really simple conversion.

This is a screen grab from the drawing file for the Vtu84.




This photo shows the 3D printed doors fitted to a coach in TER Rhône-Alpes livery.




I was surprised to find that I have only ever photographed one of these coaches which is seen here in a poor quality image taken at Lyon Part-Dieu on 12 August 2004. 




The doors are on Shapeways now:-



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After having my enjoyment designing bodies for SNCF Corail compartment stock, I have now made the 1/160 scale .stl files available for free download from the Shapeways site. This will give printer owners the opportunity to redesign to suit other donor chassis such as the Piko Vu chassis, or resize to suit their needs, or just print at home far more cheaply than using Shapeways.


To use the "Download Product" option you must be signed in to Shapeways, and the button appears at the end of the product description for each individual body. 



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Following some problems with the integrity of some of the files downloadable from my Shapeways shop, I have now loaded the original files onto Google Drive after running all of them through Accutrans and Nettfab. The links below provide a free download of the files for the SNCF Corail coaches, and some door and interior files.


SNCF A4B6u Vu75



SNCF A9u A5t2u (Téoz) Vu75



SNCF A10u Vu78



SNCF A11u B11u Vu75



SNCF B11u Vu78



SNCF B11u Vu80



SNCF B11u Vu83



SNCF B11u Vu83 with sliding doors https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_rwBrStEUqdktXATCMNqjzOYJfOqSFpi/view?usp=sharing


SNCF B7uh Vu83



SNCF B12u (Cabine 8) A5t6u B3t7U Vu85



SNCF B7Dux Vu78



SNCF B6Du Vu75/78



SNCF B6Du Vu86



SNCF B5Dux  Vu86



SNCF B3Su  Téoz Vu75/78




SNCF B3Su Téoz Vu86



SNCF B5uxh (without driving cab)



SNCF Ambulance Vu75



SNCF Ambulance Vu80



SNCF Ambulance interior



SNCF Corail sliding plug doors Vtu82



SNCF Corail sliding plug doors Vtu84



SNCF Corail sliding plug doors Vtu82 + Vtu84


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