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1988 era N scale Atlas - KATO U25B ?

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Interested in the chassis for scratchbuilding. I am wondering if anyone who has one can say what the measurement is -  from outer axle of front truck to outer axle rear truck.  


(not interested in the Atlas China one, just the Japan made KATO one, the China ones have a different chassis I think.)


Regards, Ben 

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The overall wheelbase of the prototype is 47’ 2”, which in 1:160 would be 3.5375” or 8.98cm. I’m not aware of any dimensional inaccuracies with this model, unlike the Atlas-Kato GP7, so a wheelbase of 90mm is probably about right. 

Have you seen Spookshow’s review of the engine? Good description of the chassis differences there. http://www.spookshow.net/loco/atlasu25b.html

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Thank  you , yes I have seen the Spookshow site. I think tho that the overall wheelbase (of the real thing) would be 45' 6"  , 36' 2" between truck centres and 9' 4" to the outer axles.  How do you get to 47' 2" ?



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