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Hello Brian, can you possibly help me out with a dimension, can you please tell me how long the Heljan Class 40 models are buffer to buffer ? I was going to PM you then I thought it may be prudent to ask in a public forum so other people may benefit from the information.


Many thanks in advance 


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Is that a request Gazza?


As I do know that Brian has an addition to his MOD fleet that he still has to build when he can find the time.



Well Pete no one does the MOD Warflat apart from Mr Talbot and I dont think he as got any?

You never know Heljan may have a dabble in the MOD sector?

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I have finished the KFA, just painted it in primer. I have added some airpipes to it from pictures I took of one in Didcot Yard.  I did not take enough pictures of where the pipes go (as usual) so this is the best I could make out from my pictures, the chances of me getting round another anytime soon are slim. I have ordered some Revell Lufthansa Blue from a shop online and Precision Labels did some transfers for the containers in 4mm so I hope he can do them in 7mm. The KFA flat comes with a set of transfers thankfully.











When new the bogies were painted blue as well as the body.



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I have absolutely zero interest in ever owning one, but the build is very good and the wagon interesting.


Thanks Brian, nearly 100 pages!

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Sorry for not getting back earlier Gazza but I "think" they were available seperately. I bought these off Pete harvey some time ago and the old memory has gone i'm afraid but I would think Pete would do them on their own. What's next, now there's a question. I have a Jim McGowen Queen Mary and a Hobby Holidays early warflat to do, a Heljan 60 body to paint as 60081. For the future I will be getting at Telford a PRMRP Shark and a Sealion to go with the Heljan Dogfish and Catfish when they are out.

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The wagon was supplied with transfers that Pete Harvey got Railtec to do, hopefully get those on later. I found out that Precision Labels had done the container transfers for someone in 4mm and so he has done a set in 7mm.


Those won't be going on for a bit though as I have a niggling little problem with the containers in that the paint won't dry on the roofs and underneath! The resin that they are made from always had a sticky feel to it that I could not fully get rid of. But when I sprayed them with Halfords white primer it did seem to dry ok so I went ahead with the Humbrol Red. But this is just not drying off completely. Hopefully it might go off fully in a day or two as it seems to be a bit better now I have left them outside today. But I have a nagging doubt that it might be something in the resin that's coming through the paints?

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  • brian daniels changed the title to Brian's 7mm Diesel Workbench, Belated up-date!

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