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AIMREC to open interim exhibition area in the centre of Ashford

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From Kent Online




AIMREC - the Ashford International Model Railway Excellence Centre - is set to move into Unit 2 of Elwick Place, Ashford after signing a 12-month contract for the premises.


Staff will spend around six weeks setting up a number of interactive model railway sets in the 3,541 sq ft space.


It will use the Elwick Place unit as a marketing suite to promote their longer-term places to create a permanent model railway entertainment and educational centre in the town - giving potential investors a glimpse into what the project could look like. The suite will be then open to the public free of charge on weekends.


"While AIMREC’s board continues to seek a permanent home for a model railway experience that has the potential to draw tens of thousands of visitors to Ashford every year, this temporary arrangement gives them a chance to show off what they can offer.



AIMREC website


I know from talking to Cliff Parsons that several very exciting developments may take place and this is a great stepping stone towards the ultimate goal.

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52 minutes ago, Geoff Endacott said:

Excellence or Education?


Geoff Endacott

Their website quotes the acronym as excellence, but yes, education will occur if people see C21 modelling standards  in place of R1 curves and big flanges. 

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I've no idea what will happen to Roy Jackson's layout "Retford" (by all accounts that is still to be decided), but wouldn't AIMREC be a fitting home?  Options must be very limited for a layout of that size....

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