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Today we connected all the boards together and powered up the layout for the first time. Couldn't resist running a bit of borrowed stock on the layout (the stock is from the layout Shwt, Elmore is based early crest western steam)


The video shows a basic sequence which is designed to keep at least 1 train on the layout at any one time. (we've all been sat watching a layout waiting for a train to appear!)



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A few bits of progress to report over the past couple of weeks, firstly the Decks on the F/Y have been screwed on. They are mostly level but we will be putting aluminium runners across it and we’ll pack these up to ensure they are exactly level too each other.





After getting the tunnel assembled we felt it was finally time to get the last bit of landscaping done. This is the section above the tunnel mouth which for the moment will remain as a separate piece. Once the track is painted and ballasted we’ll stick this bit down


This is a great example of how the styrofoam is worked, it is added I. Blocks and then slowest sculpted into shape










As we’ve finished the assembly of the branch bridge and tunnel we have now moved on to the arch bridge, the main structure (again 3D printed) has been assembled and the the first bits of brick cladding added onto it. This has allowed us to just confirm it’s final position







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A bit of progress with the stock this week, here we have one of the more unusual ‘freight’ services on Elmore, this is the delivery of a Camping coach to one of the more attractive stations along the branchline. The camping coach being one of a couple of items which still bears resemblance to the GWR livery. 

the coach is a slaters kit of an all 3rd diagram C28. There’s been a fair bit of modification to the ends and underframe as all non essential parts were removed. Also bits like the end steps were removed to prevent easy access to the roof


it’s still WIP, glazing and transfers to be added and some more interior bits





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It seems like ages since we last did anything on the engine shed, finally we’ve got back onto it and apart from weathering we can now call it finished!


one of the jobs we were avoiding was the glazing which I always believe in doing with real glass, we use microscope cover slips which are 0.13mm (can’t be far off scale thickness!) but I always think nothing looks like glass apart from real glass






we were also waiting for some guttering and a chimney pot from modelu so these bits have been added and painted plus the main doors have finally been fixed in place










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Having finished the engine shed, this is it in location. 






We can now turn or attention onto the water tower, first job has been to complete the painting of the tank which I had just sprayed into cream and a grey roof








We now need to sort out doors, windows and an access ladder to fix onto the wire sticking out from the side of the tank


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Yesterday was a good day for us, that feeling of accomplishment when it all comes together


The first job was to fit all of the tie/stretcher bars to operate the points, we are using the C&L ones which have a black tube in the centre and the brass wire ends.

we then shape one end into a loop for receiving the operating wire




these are then soldered to the rails so the loop is in the right place




The servo can the be installed underneath, the mounts were put in quite early on in the build before the cork and track went down




after fitting all 11 which was quicker than expected, we could then program their movements and the direction they operated in.

So at last the layout is fully operational and we could hook it up to the panel to test it as well



upside down because this is the scenic side.

The stock is Elmore’s milk train with the loco borrowed from Shwt again. I must get on with converting some steam stock!


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Afternoon all, hope we all had the best Christmas possible under the circumstances. 

Most of the progress on the layout over the past month has been with the buildings. The last update we had moved onto the water tower, we had painted the tank but there was a few bits missing. One of which was a water crane, I wasn’t quite sure on whether to have a standard floor mounted one or have something custom made. A bit of research shows a crane on the side of the tank was a common sight, a quick 3D design later and this is what we came up with.



also note the scratch built doors are built but not painted.



painting in progress


The water tower is now complete with the exception of the brass ladder which goes to the top of the tank





I’m still not completely convinced with the painting of the door on the water tower, I wonder if it looks too fussy and it would look better just in plain chocolate

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Now the layout is up and running we now need some signals, they were one of the very first things we did as it was important to have something to place on the layout to get a rough idea on how they look. I never got any further with them however because frankly it’s one of those job I hate!


however they have to be done so I’ve now got them to the point where they all need painting









once painted I can then add the signal arms and attach the push rods for them to operate

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After finishing the water tower, the next building to start is the goods shed.

As with all of the others it starts with a 3D printed shell




this is then clad on the outside with slaters plasticard








The next step is to add the brick reveals to the windows and doors, once these are glued in the window openings can be cut out of the brickwork




The internal brickwork can now be added and the window openings then cut on the inside





the next bits to do are all the detail bits of brickwork which is the same as the engine shed and water tower






The last bit complete at the moment is to add the sills and lintels to all the windows and doors and we’ve started the support for the platform on the front wall





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21 minutes ago, KeithHC said:

Thanks for showing us your method of construction. I will be using it to make a few buildings this year.



No problem, As long as you can print abs plastic, you can glue plasticard straight to it and it makes for a really stable base structure

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This week we have assembled the Cassettes for the F/Y, these are made using 9mm plywood as the base. We had the 68mm strips cut on the panel saw at B&Q so they are at least nice and straight and correct width.

for the running rails we chosen to use 25mm x 25mm x 1.6mm aluminium angle


The first job was to cut the aluminium angle into the correct lengths, cutting them in pairs ensures each pair is exactly the same length for each cassette




Next these were all drilled for the securing bolts at 15mm in for the running edge



note each piece is numbered to ensure it stays with it’s correct pair


Clamping one side to the plywood so the aluminium is flush with the edge, the bolt holes can be drilled into the plywood using the aluminium as a guide



the underneath of the plywood can then be countersunk and the aluminium bolted on using M3 x 16mm countersunk bolts


The second aluminium strip can now be clamped onto the plywood, we have had some aluminium blocks made up to ensure the track gauge is correct. It’s also important to ensure the ends are square with each other


the same process of countersinking and bolting can then be followed for the second side


Copying from Shwt we are using the same 3D printed end stops which needed the pivot holes drilled.


We have now made 4 x 4ft and 4 x 3ft cassettes and we can borrow 5 x 2ft6 cassettes from Shwt so that should be plenty for us











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Work cassette development!


over the last week we have working on the handles for the longer cassettes, being 4ft in length makes them quite cumbersome. 

This is the first design which was to approve the overall shape of the handle and ensure it cleared the stock sufficiently enough to get fingers above






Although we were happy with the overall shape, one point we noted was how awkward the cassettes would have been to transport if they don’t stack together. So we thinned the top of the handle so it would fit between a cassette that was put upside down on top of it. Also bolt holes and a recess for a Hex nut was added to the design


This is the version 2




shown placed in upside down to prove the top fits inside another cassette



the recess for the hex works well



with handles placed in position on 2 cassettes (not bolted yet) this is how they rack together




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Well we finally had a break in the weather a few days ago to get some etch primer on the signals

This allowed to add some of the smaller details like the finals and lamp cases, these are by modelu and I didn’t fancy clogging them up with rattle can primer.


All of the signals have now had a coat of metallic silver grey (not the white they would have been in GWR). We can now do the hand painting to bring them to life






Our only ground signal hasn’t gone into silver as it will be black but we have attached it to the concrete legs which have been painted in concrete stone grey



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