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Schynige Platte and Brienzer Rothorn 2019

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A couple of weeks back we had a family holiday in the Interlaken area, some of which was spent on assorted public transport. So I thought it only fair to share a few photos.


First, the Schynige Platte Bahn from Wilderswil, 50 mins of relentless climbing using an electric "box on wheels" loco.

We were lucky enough to be on a service that was doubled-up, the second train following us at a safe distance. View back over Interlaken (the Harder Kulm funicular track can be seen on the hillside opposite the foreground trees on the right):



And a bit further up:



At the top, you get some views. Here, another train including a supplies wagon reaches the summit station, with the Lauterbrunnen valley in the background below:



And the corresponding view up the Grindelwald valley:



They also have some interesting "other" motive power:


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A separate day, we did the Brienzer Rothorn Bahn. I'd missed out on this a few years back as the TV screen at the bottom was showing solid cloud at the summit, but this time we were luckier.

First, some trains. Our loco at Brienz:



Detail of part of the ultra low gearing. Don't ask me how it works!

When moving, the locos sound like they're doing about 50-60mph, but in reality, you'd be lucky to reach 5mph:



Half way up, they stop to refill with water:



Near the summit, there was a maintenance train out, which shuffled around the passing loop each time a pair of trains crossed, and then moved out to the work site between services:



Complete train at the 2245m/7500ft summit:



The wide-opening windows visible above have an unexpected effect - you may need ear defenders when going through the tunnels, as some of my family will testify:



Wider views to follow...

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View from the top, entirety of Lake Brienz:



The lake again, with a train:



Near the upper passing loop, first a crossing passenger service, then that maintenance train again:




And two trains in shot, twice, taken from the summit:






I was thoroughly impressed by the climb, the locos, the views and pretty much everything. It might be expensive, but if it's clear, it's worth it.

We had the "Regional Pass Bernese Oberland", which we quickly abbreviated to "BO Card". It includes the steam railway and a swathe of public transport between Bern, Lucerne, Brig, Gstaad and includes most of the expensive mountain lines and cable cars in the Interlaken area up to Kleine Scheidegg.

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Some nice photos there. I've been on the BRB a few times. The BO card allows unlimited travel on there, so you can spend the day going up and down as much as you like - so I did! It's a stunning line. No idea how nice the SPB is. I've only managed it once and it was in the rain. The cloud at the top was so bad that if you stood near the loco, you could hardly see the end of the second coach! 

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1 hour ago, 5944 said:

No idea how nice the SPB is. I've only managed it once and it was in the rain. The cloud at the top was so bad that if you stood near the loco, you could hardly see the end of the second coach

In poor weather - been there, done that! Ascended in hope, descended in cloud.

If it's clear, the SPB is well worth it. Alpine garden just beyond the platform, and walks to suit all abilities. As it's on the ridge separating Lake Brienz from the Jungfrau region proper (Grindelwald etc), you can get views in all directions with just a little extra effort from the summit station.

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For those who are curious about what is at the top at Schynige Platte, here is a link to a reasonably recent (2018) web cam. As I type this, Schynige Platte is in cloud, but you can use the back-date feature to find a date and time when it is clear (the 'Archive' link, the boxes with 24 in them on the right hand side).


Similarly for the Brienzer Rothorn, here is a link to a webcam located above the Sorenberg cable car station, which is between the railway terminal and the Rothorn Peak.


Finally, this webcam shows a (rather dull) view of a Brienz car park outside Hotel Brienzerburli during the off season and in the evenings, but during the day during service hours carries the feed from a camera mounted on the roof of one of the Brienzer Rothorn Bahn carriages - when they remember to switch the feed! (At the moment is showing that car park). It used to always carry the feed from the carriage, which of course was even more dull that the car park during the non-operational hours (and months).


Right, now to see if I can spot me at Schynige Platte last August.....


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Bad news for the fan of the Schynige Platte webcam:





The message says that the webcam is out of action due to a lighting strike, and will be replaced ASAP.






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1 hour ago, Gilbert said:

Thanks for posting those photos. I may be planning a trip to Switzerland myself...

Plenty of people on here can probably advise you if you want. And the January planning of a summer holiday is half the fun!

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