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my father recently passed away and one of the many items he stored in the house were two miniature trains. They belonged to his uncle, so we’ve had them for some time and it would be nice for them to serve their purpose again and bring joy to someone. 


I was looking for some advice on how you would best advise selling these, they don’t seem the kind of thing to sell on gumtree or Facebook; hence me coming to the experts here :-)




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Some more info would be helpful; size and pictures as well.

Values can vary vastly depending on what it is and how scarce.



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Sorry, that was a pretty useless post, I wasn’t sure I was in the right place :blush:


One train has a width of 3 1/4” between the wheels, the other has 4 1/4” between the wheels. Both are about 1.5 - 2m in length with a load of accompanying track.


A nice man from the local club told me that the green one is called the ‘Green Arrow’ and the other the ‘Britannia’ - not sure if that helps :-) 


I’m not sure what other measurements would be useful but please let me know and i’ll get them. 


Both are live steam engines, the green one is finished and I have memories of it running up and down his garden, whereas the other is obviously unfinished. I also have memories of the plans for the unfinished model being in the garage, but that might not still be the case after all these years. 


Some photos (hopefully they work)...








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Specialist auction house, or via a specialist dealer such as Compass House. A dealer might be willing to work on a commission basis, rather than buy and sell.


They look to be beauties, but lack of boiler certificates may make buyers a bit wary. My guess is that a specialist dealer would pressure test the boilers, air test the loco, then steam test including proving the safety valves, which might take them a couple of careful hours, but, assuming everything passes, significantly increase the value.

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