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Minerva Announcements at Guildex

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11 minutes ago, Welsh Signaller said:

Sounds good either way, I didn’t have a good look - not that I’d know what I was looking at to be honest !


How involved do you anticipate the conversion being for the average Joe plonk it down and watch it go round and round “modeller” like me ?

Almost effortless. But it will cost you the extra to pay someone to do it :)

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A quick question, if i may, for either of the Chris's.....


A friend of mine is interested in this 97xx kit when it comes out.  Is it worth him buying the 8750 donor model now to secure one, or is there likely be a deal pricing with the model and the kit when its released? 


Also, if he buys a DC version, is it a plug and plug option to fit DCC sound, or a hard-wired installation?



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Hi Richie


The 97xx will be supplied with a donor chassis/footplate and cab, all in one package.


It will have an 8 pin plug, ready for the DCC  and DCC sound chips,


Hope this helps


Chris B

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