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Busch Feldbahn in the living room

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Thanks for your kind words, I’m slowly getting back to full strength, thanks. As well as the small enclosures there are no shelters for the animals.


I did a fair bit of research into what to use for water.  Some resins get hot when curing so there was a risk of melting the animals while others don’t set completely, so if the layout was stored on end the water would eventually move.  The penguin pool was made using the clear plastic box the elephants came in (no joints so no leaks) and filled with Deluxe Materials ‘Solid Water’ about 5mm depth at a time, leaving 48 hours between layers.  The streams and puddles were Deluxe Materials ‘Aqua Magic’, two layers each about 2mm thick and left several days between coats.


I have no connection with Deluxe Materials but they were very helpful and answered all my questions about model water, I hadn’t modelled water before.

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There's definitely been something virulent going round last month, most of the country seems to have had it (me too).


I get on well with Deluxe Materials Solid Water water as well, haven't tried Aqua yet, so handy to see it, thanks.  


Preiser do some (non-German) politicians and heads of state in 1:87 but I've not seen a Mrs. T yet. Could you take a female passenger in twinset and with handbag, repaint suit and add some hair? 

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