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List of upcoming railtours?


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5 hours ago, G-BOAF said:

Can any point to a website for upcoming Steam railtours?

UKSteam does not appear to have been updated since May, and it is very thin towards the end of the year, and there are scheduled tours which are not listed



Any other suggestions



This was mentioned on an earlier thread.

Apparently the guy who ran the site is not well.

If you can find that thread there if reference to

another site there.

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Railadvent.co.uk too, but Herald includes movements and non-steam.


i hope we dont lose UKsteam, it’s a great archival resource.

The new sites don’t seem to offer this, there could be a gap in future research losing this.

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Really struggling with the absence of UKSteam.info

I quite want to see 60103 out of KGX on thursday morning but railtourinfo.co.uk is NOT providing a working link to timings.


I haven't seen a steam locomotive for about 18 months (static or working) so this is a MUST SNIFF....

Can someone help???!!!

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Steam Dreams state Thursdays trip has been postponed due to issues with the timetable offered by Network Rail. This might be why there is a lack of info.

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Timings for any trip booked for 60103 are not made public until the day or late on the preceding day in an attempt to control trespass incidents by the general public.  RTT is the best source plus the railtourinfo site mentioned above.


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