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RhB Krokodil Safari, in search of Iron Horses & Krokodil

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Last set for tonight,


Day 3 turned out to be wet . . very, very wet in Chur.

3 car Allegra out front on an Arosa service. 



A four car version in the main platforms, these only have one powered car and are used on surburban services between Landquart and Thusis. 



My loco was the LGB 50th anniversary engine. G scale today!



Passing the Volg depot with a different kind of shunting tractor. 



Heavy rain meant I didn’t try more photos on the way until I got to Davos, Ge4/4iii 652 carrying the Davos Hockey Club livery. Loads of kids travelling on school time trains carrying hockey sticks too. 


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41 minutes ago, Glorious NSE said:

Handy to know they swap the shunters regularly, it was 111 at Ilanz a month back. :good_mini:

I think in theory there’s a dedicated loco and another subs for it when they go to works but they obviously don’t follow that all the time as certain locos do seem to change! 

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Many thanks, great pictures! I spent a week in Switzerland earlier this month and like you, went on the DFB, except I went eastwards  from Oberwald to Realp.  The loco was HG 3/4 No 9, with Tm 506 on the rear as insurance up the grade through the Furka tunnel.  Not a cheap journey (what is in Switzerland?) but hugely enjoyable with great scenery and a very professional railway with friendly staff - encouraged to get off and watch activities at the station and to ride on the coach balcony (at own risk and not through the tunnels) if desired.




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  • RMweb Gold



I'm very much enjoying these photos, they are bringing back very happy memories of my trips in the 80s and 90s.


Some stations do look very different now, as does a lot of the stock.



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2 hours ago, PaulRhB said:

I think in theory there’s a dedicated loco and another subs for it when they go to works but they obviously don’t follow that all the time as certain locos do seem to change! 


Wouldn't be surprised if 111 had gone to works, it was pretty scruffy. We'd nicknamed it 'orange peel'. :D

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Some of the Allegra’s are also looking pink rather than red ;) 


19 minutes ago, DaveF said:

Some stations do look very different now, as does a lot of the stock.

Yes the do not cross the tracks signs are everywhere and where the old foot crossings survive there are signs saying don’t cross to the platform itself until the train stops. 

I can see why with legal precedents of the modern era, the higher management must have been having kittens. 


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So turn around and what’s waiting on Gleis 3?


time for a quick ‘snap’ ;)




415 Krokodil !




Busy too with enthusiasts and public a little surprised at their service train :) Windows steamed up as a result!


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It was still raining but fortunately easing and not coming in if you opened the window a crack. You aren’t allowed on the balconies, and we were going at a fair crack, so people were swapping sides to grab photos. All very civilised :)





Destination Filisur, usually they are push pull sets on this diagram.


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A shunter rides with the train as Filisur  no longer has one based there and they also assist the Guard with luggage and dispatching at stations. Driver has stayed in the far cab and you can just see the shunter in the front cab calling the signals. 




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Ready to return




Pure classic RhB, I also noted that at least 415 now has both pantographs fully operational again as only one was connected for a few years. 


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Our Crew were soaked now but the Guard was enjoying himself getting everyone ready to whip down the windows for a shot of the waterfall between the tunnels. By the time they’d come down we were in the next tunnel! 

He was brilliant chatty and teasing without going over the top, a bit of a character ;)






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Returning to Davos 415 ran round and returned to the yard to wait for the afternoon run. I guess the slower timings with the Krok mean it would cause chaos if it did the trip every hour, plus the wear and tear. 



The Bernina coach providing first class on this day but they seemed to change the formation every day for variety. 



heading into the sidings




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Think we had the same guy on board last year, he was great pointing out when there were good spots for photos and points of interest. Annoying that those orange things keep spoiling perfectly good photos....

IMG_20180921_154609432_HDR (2).jpg

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So with four hours before the next Krok service I went for trip on a normal shuttle too! ;)

613 arrived from Klosters and changed crew. 



Then shunted over to make the Filisur train. 



The Tm picked up the coaches from behind the driving trailer that 613 had left in platform 2 as it was now in push pull mode. 



on our return 415 waiting to drop back in to the platform  6A8EBD56-34E7-4053-AE04-40366BE05555.jpeg.af52894fe1250ad6d760e54dda1d8d0e.jpeg

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Interesting how they switch the coaches.  A leaflet I picked up described a typical formation as having four-wheeler A 1102 as the first class accommodation, but when I went on it, Pullman As 1143 (as in your other photo) was provided and I noticed A1102 sitting alone at Klosters Platz, with tape across the end balcony.


The schedule seems padded.  The normal trains are allowed 25 min from Filisur to Davos, but I rode with 415 one afternoon which did it in 31 minutes against the allowed 44 minutes.   The train stated 14 minutes late, waiting for the train from St Moritz, which was 16 minutes late to Filisur due to delays at Spinas and Preda waiting to cross trains.


This is the Krok on the same morning:


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For a relatively small station Davos had four shunters kept busy.



They decided they needed a bigger shunter!









Well we’ve run out of things to shunt and played with both shunters so what next lads?



oh good more toys arrived! :)


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So with the weather improved 415 backed in. 

Our Guard for the afternoon trip checked the vans with s big hammer. 



The windows were fully open this time





The Shunter even stayed out during the run round at Filisur.





Heading back to Davos



and after a perfect day on the Krok service I head back to Chur via Klosters




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I do like having a stop right next to the Hotel



Shield on the Allegra










Solis Viaduct



Pullmans tagged on the back



Surava being used as storage for the engineering work around Tiefencastel



Over the Landwasser


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