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Having moved house  I am planning an OOn3 run-through layout  and had settled on Ballindrait as my prototype to run the small collection of stock I've built.

I've collected ALL the CDJR books currently in print and have surveyed the buildings, which are a delight, and the site.

Photos are of course sparse and I guess it is understandable that anyone who visited  the railway only snapped this wayside gem as an afterthought as there were so many other fascinating things to use up their precious rolls of film on. Nevertheless has anyone who has modelled the CDJR any other tips of sources of pictures I could tap?

Also, if  anyone knows of any drawings of one other the Letterkenny line's stations that would be amazing. I would quite like to reinstate the original station building on the model. Lifford is now the only survivor, but it had some pretty rough looking characters living in it, so I took some distant shots but didn't stray too close with a tape measure. Did the architect who built this line's buildings work on/design any others elsewhere?



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I have some photos of Ballindrait Station on a very old laptop which unfortunately doesn't want me to transfer data anymore. However, the originals are held at the County Donegal Railway Museum who you can contact via their website donegalrailway.com 


The files you want are cdr00576, cdr01075 and cdr01338.


Good luck,



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