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Railway Modeller Nov 19 and Electrostars

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The November 2019 edition of the Railway Modeller has just dropped on my doormat, and I have had a brief look at it. One thing I did notice was that there are two requests for Class 375 Electrostars to be made by some enterprising manufacturer. The first one is on page 951 in the "Comment" article, and the second is on page 15 of the 70th anniversary supplement.

All I can hope for is that an emerging embryonic firm finally produces a model of a SouthEastern Class 375 ...


Of course, Electrostars aren't confined to class 375, so there is plenty of opportunity for that enterprising manufacturer to make examples from all versions currently running on our railways.

With the Railway Modeller backing this idea, how can it fail?

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14 hours ago, Suzie said:

Bachmann have done quite a lot of the work already with the 170...


Other than the side windows and doors, interior and maybe the bogie frames, there is really not that much in common between the Turbostar and Electrostar family.


Completely different car lengths as well.

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