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I think there were several Diagrams for 57ft Bk/3rd, with Cove and Elliptical roofs, the latter with "standard" and Toplight panelling. D307 were the most numerous with Elliptical roofs and Toplights, built in 1913.


This information from the LNWR Society's excellent website;




Kits for the 57 ft carriages are usually the domain of Stevenson Carriages as you point out but PC were also available with the pre-printed sides and still pop up from time to time on Ebay. Earlier trains could have the 42ft corridor carriages (Stevenson and Worsley Works) or the 50ft arc roof (Ratio).

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8 hours ago, GWRSwindon said:

By the way, does anyone know if Peter E. Baughan ever wrote a Volume II for his study of the Chester & Holyhead Railway? It seems he only wrote the first volume.


@Brassey @webbcompound


The short answer is I don't know but it might be worth asking this on the LNWR Society Facebook page as there will be more knowledgable members on there than I.

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6 minutes ago, ChrisN said:


Does the latter book cover more than the LNWR?


It's Vol. 11 of the David & Charles Regional History series; Vol. 12 is South Wales, so I assume Vol. 11 covers the Cambrian Railways and the Great Western as well as LNWR lines in the north of the principality. I read quite a few of these many years ago, borrowed from the local public library, but have no recollection of the Welsh volumes.

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