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Have purchased a second hand Peco turntable kit from my local model shop, with an electric motor attached for a price that cannot be argued with!  There is a caveat, of course, in that the railings on the turntable deck need replacing as they are damaged, plus there isn't any rail chairs/clips for track approaching/leaving the table (as seen in the illustrations).  Does anyone know if these are sold as spares? Tried Peter's Spares, a search of the Bay of Fleas and the Big Brazilian River, but to no avail.  Anyone have any advice? (This will be on a second board to be attached to the first, featuring a shed, coal and ash facilities etc.  An extension of my micro layout, and an eventual link to my planned "big" layout!)

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Happy New Year!!


This project has not  completely stalled, although I am now concentrating on the other bit of the baseboard that I chopped off!! :lol:


I picked up a three way point at a recent toy/hobby fair for next to nothing, because it had the remains of (broken) fishplates soldered to the ends of the rails.  Chance to try my new Parkside digital soldering iron (from Lidl) to see if I could remove the fishplates...


Tried 200 degrees then 300 degrees with no joy, other than getting the solder to flow and more firmly solder the broken fishplate onto the rails! But then, at 400 degrees, I was able to push the end of the fishplate with the tip of the iron and finally they popped off! Result! Using the iron to melt and then remove the remaining solder, I cleaned up the rail ends with a file and now had a useable three way point!


So now I have replaced the LH point at the left hand end of the loop on the layout, which allows me to run a long siding along the front of the yard, which I plan to inset into cobbles. Why introduce yet more track into an already busy scenario?


Gives me somewhere to park my Xmas present to myself, my Bachmann breakdown crane! :biggrin_mini2:


Shout out to Jim at The Locoshed - apparently his first sale of one of these (and he is matching the big boys on price, too, so well worth a visit if in the area - plus a brew and a biscuit are always on offer!!)


Steve S

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No further progress with actual modelling, but have decided to have a retaining wall at the rear of the board with industrial building gable ends behind that. Having recently discovered a list my father wrote out of all the places he had worked through his working life, together with the companies he worked for, I have suitable names for those premises:


McCarty & Heaton

Dynamic Plastics (Ltd)

Turner & Brown

Duxbury Ltd 

Bibby & Barron


Hours of fun!

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