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Help using rivet transfers

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On my GWR Bird build I need to add missing rivets to the smokebox,  buffer beam and bogie.  

I have never used rivet transfers before, and was hoping for some advice on how best to use them along with U.K. suppliers.


The model is built from etched brass, is it best to prime the model first with etch primer before adding the transfers? 

if so, do you apply a second coat of primer to seal them in before spraying the top coat?


is there anything else I should know before using them?



 Having spent a lot of time last night adding scratch built boiler washout plugs to the model, I want to get on with the final job!


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The UK supplier of the Archer rivets is DCC supplies



Application is the same for other water slide transfers. there are are number of "how to" videos on the web.

Search for "Archer transfers video"

Consider it to be part of the painting process, after priming but before the body colour.


Alternative, cheaper but poorer quality, in my opinion, is Micromark, but I do not know of a UK source.


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