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Bolton Tonge Viaduct

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I was travelling towards Bromley Cross on Friday afternoon, when I noticed this- just north of Bolton Station, a viaduct curving away to the left, that was very overgrown, and fenced off. Would this be part of the Darcy Lever section? Apologies, I don't know this area very well, Greater Manchester must have loads of these disused viaducts!- I remember seeing one a few times, in the "Life on Mars" series- didn't manage to locate that one either!


Any help from people with knowledge on that area, gratefully received!



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If you are on the line to Bromley Cross, the viaduct on the left was the former Astley Bridge branch, with a twig off to Halliwell Goods.  Astley Bridge station closed to passengers quite early (1930's?), a victim of Bolton Corporation Trams that ran along Blackburn Road, but later became a coal yard. 


Back o'the Bank Power Station was near there, the coal supplies for that were shunted via Astley Bridge.  After Astley Bridge closed completely (mid 1960's) the branch was cut back to Halliwell Goods, but that only lasted until the end of the 60's.


Darcy Lever was reached by a line that trailed off to the right before you reach Bolton Station, just south of Orlando Street bridge.  There was a bridge over Manchester Road (now gone), and the line ran behind what is now Asda (built on the site of Burnden Park Football Ground).  There is viaduct (stone pillars/metal bridge) just behind Asda over what is now St Peters Way (A666), but originally crossed a canal.


Hope this helps.



Moxy (who lived in Bolton for 18 years!)

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Darcy Lever viaduct, and the viaducts over the A666 are cycle/footpaths now, fully encased (just to disincentive the locals from throwing something over)


Very impressive viaducts, very well built...

look how neat the stones were shaped and set..4617DEB6-D545-4720-AE8D-97E84CAC89F3.jpeg.1bc481b8b19a85833e8ecba06c1abeea.jpeg



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