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Whilst searching for info on the old Sprague Paris Metro trains I found a couple of interestng sites. I already had a drawing of one of the non motor coaches and the card kit from Street Level Models(intended to use this as part of background in a diorama),so had made a start on plans for a 3D printed model, but always prefer to have as much info before starting, if possible.

I found this free card kit to download via LR forum http://pierreg.free.fr/carton/projet/sprague/sprague.htm and this led to this site http://www.sprague-thomson.com/index.html which has more than enough photos. Also shows how many variations there were, Photos make the curved shape of the coaches more apparent, and a lot of small detail.

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Hi Simon

I assume you know about the preserved Sprague set with one motor coach fitted with a diesel generator. Riding round the Baie de Somme on it (From St. Valery Port to Noyelles) is a slightly bizarre experience. Let me know if you need any inernal references as I took a number of photos of it during the last two Fetes de la Vapeur.

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photos on website are very good. I am only working on body shell. Model I get myself will probably be 1/160 to run in background of display.  I had seen photos of the one on Baie de Somme. Pty they dio not just fit batteries under it, far better long term.

Pity I can not find drawings of the other most common design used on the Nord/Sud line. I have drawings of one of the 1915 trailer coachesfrom reprinted Decauville catalogue. One main difference was 3 doors not 4, and the motor units had different cab details. As far as I know length was the same so I might eventually manage to do one. One of each of these is also preserved .

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Here's a pic of what I think is a Sprague-Thompson trailer car, - it's in a field not far from where I live!



RATP, the Paris metro, usually run a Sprague set, pretty original except for upgraded brakes(!) on the Jours de Patrimoine, usually the first or second weekend in September.


Cheers, Mike

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