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R.J. Essery, Midland Wagons Vol. 1 (OPC, 1980) Fig. 60 and Plates 157 and 158. Apologies if you're already there.


A search of the Midland Railway Study Centre carriage & wagon drawing register and catalogue using the search term "bunker" turns up:

Item No. 88-D0095: Drg. 1993 - 4 Box Wagon for Conveying Bunker Coal to Heysham. scale 1 1/2in.

Item No. 88-D0096: Drg. 1994 - Coal Tub for Bunker Coal. scale 3in. 


It would be possible to inspect these drawings, apart from the fact that the Study Centre is currently preparing for its move back into the refurbished Silk Mill museum, Derby.


There have been various articles on Heysham in the Midland Railway Society Journal; I haven't checked these to see if they have any further photos. 


Essery speculates that these wagons may have been built (or converted from existing D299 wagons) in 1904 when Heysham opened. Reference to the Lot List shows that drawing numbers in this range date from 1903/4, so that fits. Essery also says they were repurposed for stone traffic from Embsay or Rylstone once the Heysham steamers converted to oil in the 1930s. 


The sort of traffic that they were used for suggests to me that one needs lots or none at all - they're probably unlikely to have been seen singly.

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Many thanks Compound2632 for the comprehensive answer. This was for a friend John who enjoys making one off large scale models of unusual wagons.

I see if the midland centre offers a cooy/scan service.



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2 hours ago, One32 said:


I see if the midland centre offers a cooy/scan service.



Get in quick before the large bed scanner gets boxed up for the move! Dave Harris, the Study Centre coordinator, is very helpful. I believe the Study Centre welcomes a donation in return.

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