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Signalling Small LMS/LM Region terminus

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I am currently building a micro layout but am a bit stuck when it comes to signalling it correctly. 


I intend to have non working signals as my expertise is not up to making them work yet. 


The layout is set in the 1970s/80s in the old LMS area and can either be in Scotland or ths North West of England depending on stock. I would prefer semaphore signalling. 


It is a small terminus with a brewery to the bottom right and entrance to fiddle yard top right. The top line is the main platform for passenger trains, whilst the middle line serves as a siding and occasional train departures of passenger and freight. The bottom line is a short siding. 


Please see the attached diagram and I would appreciate any help - I am looking to know what signals to place where, both standard signals and ground/shunting signals. 


Many thanks 


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I notice that you haven't included a runround loop.  The great majority of small termini would have had one (although a few used tricks like gravity shunting to run round).  However, in a 1970s/80s scenario, it's quite possible that the branch has been truncated and the station was originally a small through station with some sidings and no loop.  So there's no absolute need to alter the track plan - in the absence of a runround, passenger services are now provided by DMUs and the freight trip is propelled down the branch.


I think it's very unlikely that the middle line would be used by passenger trains, so I'll assume it's just a siding. I would use it to exchange vans and grain wagons for the brewery.  You could probably run to an elderly 48DS to shunt the brewery siding, which avoids the need to run round anything.  The bottom siding could service a small coal or oil depot for some variety of traffic.


With that preamble, I'll have a go at the signalling and give the experts something to laugh at.  You don't need any as the branch has been rationalised to one train working and all the signals have been removed and the box demolished. The end. 


But if you do want signals, I don't think you need more than 2 - just a starter and a yellow disc controlling movements out of the siding, which can be passed at danger when the points are set for the brewery siding.  There would also be a home signal with a bracketed miniature arm (or co-located disc) to control access to the sidings and possibly an advanced starter but these would all be offscene. 





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You can't really operate this layout without signals.   It would have been rationalised to a dead end with one line and one platform or it needs a signal box and starting signals at both platforms and something to indicate which road the DMU is signalled into.   A big gantry with only two arms left in use would be good. The only use for the sidings is stabling DMUs as there is no way to run round goods stock.  Bit like Buxton traffic wise though that is still double track.

Needs loads of spare ballast where the rest of the track had been ripped up.

Great layout if you like DMUs. 

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The only problem you have is the k lack of a runround  but even that is not insoluble as 'Flying Pig' explained in his first two paragraphs exactly how the line could be worked.  All you need then is a two lever ground frame to operate the connection from the passenger line to the sidings/back platform line and you're ready to roll - with no signals at all    You might need a hut to contain a token machine if you are going to have a freight train 'locked in' (the sidings) when you wish to send in a passenger train to reverse at the platform but that is as minimal as it need be.


Certainly rather unusual to have a freight propelled over a line used by passenger trains but we can imagine that it is only a short distance to the next station and for whatever reason this one happened to have been reopened with just a single platform face in use (e.g. Falmouth).

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