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How to 'un-pair' Deltang Rx and Tx?

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I've ballsed up a bit, in that I've accidentally paired 2 locos to the same notch on the Tx-22 selecta. How can I pair the loco to a different notch? I've tried to do the thing where you turn them both off, start the Tx in bind mode on another notch, and then turn the Rx on, but nothing happens.


Pls help kthx



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You will need to put the RX in bind mode first, then turn on the Tx in bind mode. Looking at the DT site it suggests turning on the Rx first and leaving it for 20 secs, then it should go automatically into bind mode. When binding it also best not to have the Tx too close as this can swamp the Rx and hinder the bind process. This may not be a problem for DT gear but the original Spektrum DSM2 receivers were prone to this.




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