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Hello all


I am looking around for an alternative DCC controller following the apparent failure of my Bachmann Dynamis and the SPROG 3 looks the favorite moving forward.


I have plans to develop a layout and a test track, will I need two separate SPROG 3s to make this work or am I able to share the software between two different computers? (test track attached to desktop computer and layout will be a laptop).



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The software is JMRI/DecoderPro. It's open source and completely free. You can install it on as many systems as you like.


You can also share a single SPROG between the two computers. Setup DecoderPro in SPROG programmer mode on the desktop and in Command Station mode on the laptop. You would need a spare connector block plug in that case. For just programmiing, a SPROG II is sufficient 99% of the time. I can't think what the other 1% might be :)


If the computers are networked you can share the "roster" or list of locos between the two instances of the software.


Andrew Crosland


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10 minutes ago, modelpara said:

Whats that one, not heard of it?



A DIY job.  Arduino processor board, a "motor" shield, a few components, plug together, download code from internet into it.  And it probably works, or not, depending how you get on with DIY electronics.   As DIY electronics go, its simple.    Don't forget to add to the price:  a case to put it in (or you'll drop something on exposed contacts and fry something), a power supply.


The Sprog comes from a manufacturer with over ten years evidence of supporting their customers.


- Nigel

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