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Class 90 Pantagraph CV Setting on Loksound v5 Sound Chip Lenz Issue

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Got myself a class 90 fitted with a loksound v5 sound chip.

I need to lower the maximum height of the pantagraph so it doesnt hit any bridges but i am struggling with the CV values.


When i stick her on the programming track i cant seem to adjust the pantagraph max height cv value, and sometimes i get error 01 on the lenz indicating a short circuit.


I have heard a rumour that i need to remove the chip from the loco to program which would be a pain ??


Any help much appreciated !

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You need to set a couple of more CVs to effectively unlock the pantograph settings.

CV 31 to 16 & CV 32 to 0.

CV368 is the one you are looking for. I think both of mine are now set to 45.


I found something strange when setting them. I started with 1 & got the height right with that, then copied the CVs to the 2nd model. You would hope that the pan would raise to the same height, but this was not the case.

After adjusting CV368 a couple of times, the pan now raises to the same height as loco #1 with the same settings I gave it when I copied them across.


It didn't make much sense to me first time either, but it is all in the manual & makes perfect sense now. :unsure:

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Thanks for the advice


I have already tried adjusting CV 31 and CV 32 but all I get is error 01 on the Lenz controller


The loco works perfectly including all the functions when on the layout.



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