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Bachmann Collectors Club badges


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I have the following, unopened Bachmann enamel badges available if anyone wants them, just cover postage please -


Bachmann Europe plc 25 years 1989-2014

Bachmann Collectors Club 2009/2010

" 2012/2013

" 2015/2016


Please let me know if you need to see photos of any of the above.


In theory, I should, somewhere have the 'missing' years in the above (2011, 2014 etc), but I have literally no idea where they might be, if indeed I do still have them!


Please pm me if interested in any or all of the above.

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Hi Paul,


if I still have them, they're yours. However, they're currently at an address that I'm not at at the moment, so can't access them. As soon as I can, I'll contact you once I've checked I still have them!

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