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Is a Digitrax PR4 worth getting to replace a PR3?

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As per the title. I have a PR3 which I use with JMRI for decoder tweaking and also sometimes as an interface for wireless control.


 Occasionally I experience some connectivity and lag issues, but not sure if that is software or not. For the most part it’s reliable and does a job.


I note the PR4 is supposed to be ‘up to three times quicker’ and more stable, but otherwise I can’t see any added features over the previous release.


is the PR4 worth getting to replace a PR3 in other people’s experiences and opinions?

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Not experience, but I can read the specs, and spend a lot of time doing Digitrax/LocoNet related things.    
The PR4's difference is in reading decoders connected directly to its programming outputs, there it is much quicker than the PR3.   If you use those outputs, then maybe the upgrade is worth while (but I'd suggest an alternative for about the same money*).  
There isn't any fundamental difference in the speed of connection to a command station, or a loconet of devices around a layout.  So the change would be negligible for running a layout. 



(* programming alternative:   A Sprog, set up as a dedicated programmer.  Will be as fast reading, and the ability to test-run a loco with Sprog is a huge advantage.  Just don't connect the Sprog to the layout at the same time as another system.  ). 



- Nigel

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My Sprog was one the most worthwhile purchases.

Ideal for setting/reading CVs and testing of locos away from the main running lines.

I have a dedicated length of track (isolated from the layout) and rolling road which I use with it.

Definitely recommended.

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Thanks guys. Might keep the setup as it is then. But might also put some money into a Sprig on a test track for speed of changing CVs, and leave the PR3 as the wireless interface, and for changing things like load CVs on the main.

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