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Gaugemaster uncouplers

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I have two Gaugemester electronic uncouplers which are basically a solenoid with a white metal ramp that does the work above the track. I have wired them both up to the instructions and one of them pops up and stays up when I press the button (push to make, spring loaded to break when you let go) - it doesn't do anything else when I press the button again, and another pops up then drops immediately down unless I hold the button down in which case it stays up but the solenoid is obviously still on. Is it a matter of adjustment perhaps of the ramp pin that goes inside the solenoid, or have I worked them up wrong? I was on the assumption that when you press the button once, the ramp would stay up and a second press to release it.


Any help would be appreciated. Does anyone know how these things are supposed to work?

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I have some of these. They all work similarly, in that a single press raises the ramp, and releasing the button, drops it by virtue of its own weight. Obviously, one does need to keep the button pressed for a while to allow time for the loco to pull away; particularly true if a DCC loco has some acceleration delay programmed.

i have found that if you don’t get the vertical rod perfectly aligned through the sleeve, friction does cause some damage delay. Occasionally preventing it dropping at all, until adjusted. Because it all works with a solenoid, I cannot see how the drop can be ‘controlled’ - it’s just gravity.

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