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Atlas-O-Lectric ? "Modern Railroad" Modeling Character Progress - "Rocky"

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Hello, the model in discussion today, is a Burlington Northern Santa Fe unit by Atlas and is a GP38-2 that I'm rebuilding for use with the Treble-O-Lectric Freight cars that Lone Star made, the conversion is quite simple, I took off the original couplings and glued on the Lone Star one's with a little plastic cement, the result works really well!


And the Atlas is a HUGE upgrade from the original Lone Star F7 which the coupling is from, the coupling was bought in a chassis lot from eBay, even though I still appreciate the original rubber band F7's by Treble-O-Lectric. 


The model is currently awaiting transfers and will be renumbered to a GP40 code No. 3001, the model I'm re-numbering into a Character from a YouTube Series called Modern Railroad by Big Engine's 87 who's name is "Rocky" I'm rebuilding the unit to use Tension Locks because I have a bit of a collection of Lone Star Freight cars that I had the intent of running for a really long time... ^_^ I'm having quite a fun time modeling this series,  but for now, that's all there is, there isn't any more ;)



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