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Minimum radius of HOm track

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I think the minimum radius the stock can cope with is 330mm. 


My layout is based on 360mm radius curves on the scenic sections. There are many places on the RhB network where the curvature is rather tight, particularly on the Bernina line. 


If it helps you to visualise the curves, here's a short video of my layout taken about 3 months ago. 



Good luck with your plans. 



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4 hours ago, Crocodile414 said:

I think the minimum radius the stock can cope with is 330mm. 



Yep - 330 is the radius Bemo include in their start packs.


The only issue I have had is that other HOm brands (STL and Ferro Suisse G 4/5 steam locos) are not that keen on it and cope between with 350. There is also a warning with the Bemo Allegra multiple unit not to use 330 with a reverse curve, allow a straight spacer before the return curve.


In the viewing area, make the radius as big as you can with smooth transitions.

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