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Alberta Pacific Railway

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I have finally decided to give the layout I currently use a name and purpose so here it goes. The Alberta Pacific Railway runs on an ex Canadian Pacific line serving several industries within the local town and serves the local community at the end of the line. I have decided to have 2 eras 1970-1985 with the line still in CP ownership with maroon locomotives and the second era 1985 - early 2000s when the line is slowly being shut down when the APR purchases the line and they use a mix of preserved locos and loaned locomotives alongside various rolling stock. This gives me an opportunity to run all of my stock i have stored away that wasn't era specific and get a few more items allowing the sessions to become more fun and enjoyable

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On 03/01/2020 at 01:09, autocoach said:

You might look up Montana Rail for prototype inspiration just south of Alberta....

Cheers autocoach will check it out for inspiration every little helps in getting the layout to work and be enjoyable. On a side note an Xmas competition at a local model train show i entered I won and this was the prize i had picked to enter for on the entry sheet an Accurail 3 bay covered hopper in B&O scheme quite nice detail for the first time owning one


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