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Langley Models 4mm LNER ex NER Porthole Type Autocar

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   I have a build of the 4mm Langley NER Clerestory " Porthole End" Autocoach on the go at present.
   Finding any information as to their use in LNER days has drawn a total blank so far. Details needed e.g vacumn and or westinghouse brake fitted, running numbers etc.
   I have so far only found the NER Autocar photos of their preserved example, this appears to be missing a few detail parts at the moment, compared to the few  NER photos I have found .

   The small poor quality photo on the Langley Models website has it as a all 3rd class with one 1st class compartment being the one closest to the porthole End of the Coach in LNER livery, if correct ?

thanks for any help.

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1 hour ago, Paul Cram said:

Is this diagram 116? If so there is a picture in A portrait of the North eastern Railway on page 54.

No idea will check , if you either of the books you mention  I have'nt , then photos via a PM would be much appreciatted.



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