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Hi all,


I got a small cnc machine recently and have been struggling with the software side. The kit didn’t come with any software links, but has a CronosMaker control board directly connected to the computer via a supplied USB lead, and GRBL is recommended.


Firstly, has anyone got a link to GRBL as the Github page is a nightmare to find the actual download (I haven’t managed it). Secondly, I have looked on youtube to try and fix my problem and a USB driver was recommended. Does anyone know of any drivers that I need to install for this specific board, or do I need to install a general driver? The setup is shown below:


Many thanks,




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A bit late I know, haven't been on the forums for a few weeks, but hopefully this will help you or others.


You need the CH340SER driver. If your kit is one of the 1610 machines or slightly larger you'll find Grbl 0.9 is already installed. A web search should find it easily enough. If you have a linux machine you'll find it already has the drivers. On Github, one of the wiki pages has (or at least did have) pointers to getting different grbl versions, I suggest staying with 0.9 for that board.


The controller software that works best with this is Candl, use 0.9 if you're on XP, or 1.11 if you're on 7 or higher.


Alternatively, search for UGC (Universal GCode Sender) and try that, it has all the jog commands and will send files to the device but doesn't have the toolpath visualisation that Candle has.


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