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I wish to add to my layout an oil depot using PECO's Oil Depot 530 Kit. This would allow for the transfer of oil from tankers to road vehicles for delivery to domestic users in the rural area I am modelling (Suffolk, 1950-70). However I am unsure as to


  1. Do you need a pumping house as in the PECO 529 Oil Depot kit?
  2. How is the Oil Depot 530 Kit positioned with respect to the rail tracks. Are there any prototypical pictures of such installations?


Many thanks in advance.

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Oil on the Rails by Alan Coppin has various plans, even a plan & model of a small depot, and relevant history.   If you can source a copy (HMRC have it available) this will give you plenty of ideas. There is a picture I think of one small depot, a single tank surrounded by a brick berm adjacent to the track.. Partly depends on what is in the tanks..


See also the GANSG website (great resource):




If you get stuck drop me a pm.



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