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00 Sierraton Mainline/Carltonholme Branch Line Terminus

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Today working on the redvelopment, with a couple of ideas in mind.

1st off, I'm just in the process of gluing my 1st magnet on the layout using the Kadee jig.

Because the card underneath is white, I'm simply used woodland scenics cinders and glue with the addition of their rusty rail pen.

If look at the top of the magnet jig, you can make out the magnet showing between the two holes.


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You'll notice I have included a storage siding at the front, this was originally for the TPO, having played around this moring seeing what's best for what should go where, does seem very unlikely.

I may use this siding however for putting together goods trains another carriage siding?

Again I'm not sure on this.


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For those who are either returning to the hobby or who are new or are interested. I thought I would include a couple of  photos of Peco Medium code 100 streamline and Peco Medium code 100 set track



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One thing I have noticed since I've changed my points to where possible from Peco set track to Peco streamline and having given the loco release a more realistic length.

Is that the maximum length for a rake of coaches has gone from 4 to 3.

The maximum rake of short Hornby private owner wagons is 9 plus the guards van.

I have also marked clearence lines.

So I know they'll never been a collision, the points should help as well reduce of the swing effect on locomotives, when travelling on any curve.



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Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted on my layout.

The layout itself is on hold and will be for some time.


I’ve been working on ideas in the background and have learnt from so many mistakes from the first layout.


Here is a mock up of the Bachmann Great Central Station. To give me more of an idea of how things could look.


The longest train will probably be the LMS Coronation Scot (Which I have to unbox all 9 coaches and loco again). This will be one of the biggest trains I will want to run on the new layout as for now the old main line is just reduced to a 2nd radius loop purely for running in locos and taking photos.


Here you are seeing 9 X Hornby Gresley coaches.




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Experimenting with Hornby’s LMS Princess Coronation no: 6220 “Coronation” and the Coronation Scot coaches (all 9 of them).


I now know that I only need another 4 platform straights, to get the whole train in and a bigger board.

Overall I’m pleased with the result I have at the moment (getting a visual idea of how the “Coronation Scot” will look).


This will be the biggest type of trains I will want to run.


with amount of empty space on the rest of the platform, I have a couple of things in mind.


As for the station names they will remain the same, I’ve also been looking at other names as well fictitious of course.


Station names:













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