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Canterbury Show - 18th & 19th January 2020


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Looking forward to seeing you all ... if I can tear myself away from the layouts :)


Looks like I'll need my winter undies for the carpark duty on Saturday morning, but atleast it should be dry!

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Another really enjoyable show in Canterbury.  There were some extremely good layouts this year, and I think the show went really well.  Thanks everyone!


A couple of pics off the camera ...IMG_4322.JPG.004e7f9f125bef9ecdc1bafa1a9f71d4.JPG


Portwen ... which confused me, because we also had the excellent Portway of this parish!! 




The Yard ... wow, so much gadgetry in such a small space!!  RC lorries with working brake lights ... mad!




Gordon and Maggie's Arun Quay ... I spent a lot of time in front of this one, totally captivating.




Unfortunately as it got dark yesterday afternoon the light wasn't great in places, but this is my favourite corner of James St.

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I had a great weekend at the Canterbury show with Ropley. Thanks to all those who stopped by to watch and thanks to the organisers & club members who couldn’t have been more helpful! 


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Had a fantastic day yesterday at the show. Some stunning  layouts and many thanks to Stu and Tim of Portwey for letting me have a play :) A big well done to all involved, as soon as I've sorted them I'll post a few photo's.



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Just a few pics from the show, as I said it was a fantastic show and well worth the excursion from Essex :)



Chateau Migraine - A stunning portrait of Paris, everything on this layout is superb, many thanks to the team for bringing this one. Highly recommended, catch it if you can. 



 Arun Quay - Another masterpiece! 



A very small part of the very large James Street



Brighton East - Very well modelled.



Ropley - You don't see many preserved railway models, I liked this.



The Yard - Loved the radio control vehicles.





My favourite, might be a bit biased coz I had a play! 





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