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DCC fitment and additional pickups to Bachmann Class 158

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I have updated most of my fleet to DCC now, I have previously posted detail. I have paid them all a revisit to add additional pickups to the inner bogie to avoid and drop outs of the lights I have seen on dead sections of track. Hope this helps somebody.


Picture 1) Bogie stripped down



Picture 2) Pips removed to gain a flat surface



Picture 3) New pick ups cut out from sheet of 0.2mm phosphur bronze and wires soldered in place, ideally these will be black and red wires corresponding to leading bogie.



Picture 4) I chose to bond with a loctite adhesive I acquired from work, I found this to be the quickest option.20200120_144035_resized.jpg.fec09c06251bacbd6465e9f9fd9bd6eb.jpg


Picture 5) Using a pair of small long nose pliers I put a fold approximately in line with the center of the axle hole in the bogie, this helps with the contact to the rear of the wheel.



Picture 6) Obviously trimmed the excess off using snips to allow the pick-up to spring20200120_144255_resized.jpg.6fc7cb712dd0911a7f84734191577584.jpg


Picture 7) Assembled and ready to refit to the chassis.



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Picture 1) De-solder the small board from the pick up wires, sometimes these are long enough to pass through the corridor wall. The seating was removed to allow the modification to the rear bogie. 



Picture 2) Prepare the decoder, in thiscase its a Bachmann 8 pin with the connector removed, preapre the black, red, blue, white and yellow wires. Tin the ends...



Picture 3) Refit the seat moulding, I drilled a five mm hole in the corridor wall to allow the wires to pass through, I passed the new wires through the seating and trimmed them to suit. I prepared a piece of pcb board and bonded it to the inner wall of the corridor wall. I then soldered the new wires to the left and right hand side of the board and the red and black wires from the leading bogies to the same side as they pick up from the wheels. I then soldered the red and black wires from the decoder to match the same colours of wires already soldered to the board.



Picture 4) I refitted the small circuit board, ensure the wires to the connector block are on the front of the board. I put a link between the two rear points and soldered the blue, yellow and white wires as shown below. If the unit operates incorrectly with the direction, switch the yellow and white wires or alter CV29 on the decoder.



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